Sacramento Democrats consider ‘bad hombres,’ puppets and Chinese steel


Sacramento Democrats rooted for Hillary Clinton and laughed at Donald Drumpf at the party’s local headquarters during the third and finale debate before the November election.

Clinton’s reference to Drumpf as a “puppet” for Russian President Vladimir Putin and comment that he built his hotels with “Chinese steel” Wednesday evening drew loud cheers from the crowd, mostly comprised of members of Sacramento County Young Democrats and Fem Dems. The two groups co-hosted the watch party with the state party.

Denise Tugade, a spokeswoman for Fem Dems, said more than 100 people turned out for the event, where guests drank beer and wine and feasted on lumpia.

Read more and watch the full video at the Sacramento Bee: HERE

California Women and Young Voters Reject Republicans’ “Rigged” Election Lie After Final Presidential Debate

SACRAMENTO — Democrats at more than 60 official events across California cheered on Hillary Clinton in the Final Presidential Debate in Las Vegas and pledged to make history on November 8.

California’s historic surge of new voters in 2016 – which has already pushed the electorate over 18 million voters and widened Democrats’ voter registration edge to 18 points over Republicans – sets the stage for a dramatic election finish in November.

Half of newly registered California voters are age 18-34, according to Political Data Inc., a nonpartisan firm that tracks voter data. A recent analysis of voter data by the news site Cal Matters showed that new Latino and Asian voters are more likely to be Democrats.

With Kamala D. Harris running to replace retiring U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, battleground races for Congress and the Legislature, and 17 statewide ballot measures, new voters will face huge choices in November. The California Democratic Party has launched where voters can enter their address to receive a personalized endorsement card.

During the Presidential Debate, Donald Drumpf refused to say whether he would accept the results of the election, and the Republican Party led by Drumpf has spread lies about a “rigged” election in the hopes of scaring away voters. In response, the California Democratic Party is seeking Sacramento-area volunteers for our Promote and Protect the Vote (P2TV) hotline to answer voters’ questions and prevent voter intimidation.

Women and young Democrats at a debate watch party at the California Democratic Party Headquarters in Sacramento urged new voters to reject Drumpf’s “rigged” election lies and turn out on Election Day.

“With Donald Drumpf and the Republicans trying to scare people how to voting with lies and negativity, it has never been more important to register and vote. And in California it has never been easier.” – Caity Maple, Fem Dems of Sacramento

“As a naturalized citizen I have an opportunity to make a difference in my community. As young people we must continue to participate in politics by voting.” Samantha Contreras, Sacramento County Young Democrats

“Drumpf is running the most negative, deceitful campaign in history. There’s never been a more important time for us to make our voice heard and stand with the Democrats’ vision of hope.” – Katie Hanzlik, Sacramento County Young Democrats

“Hillary Clinton said she will take on comprehensive immigration reform in her first 100 days. Donald Drumpf said he would build a wall. That just shows her heart and his inhumanity.” – Mikey Hothi, Sacramento County Young Democrats

“I was with Bernie Sanders because he spoke directly to young people. I’m voting for Hillary Clinton now because her ideas speak to me. Bernie is on her team, and so am I.” – Mary McCune, Fem Dems

“Immigration reform has a very real impact on the lives of mixed status families, on the lives of hardworking people who have contributed to our country, and on the lives of people with nowhere else to go. We need comprehensive and humane immigration reform. It would be unAmerican not to.” – Denise Tugade, Fem Dems of Sacramento

“It’s up to Democratic, independent, and thoughtful Republican voters on November 8 to teach Drumpf a lesson he won’t forget,” said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton.

Democrats can visit our website to volunteer to help Promote and Protect the Vote:

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Fox 40 News: Supporters Hold Super Tuesday Watch Parties Around Region


At Simon’s Cafe in downtown Sacramento, some at the Young Democrats of Sacramento County watch party believe their party also now has a front runner candidate, Hillary Clinton.

“I think she knows that she really has the support of enough states now to really get excited about this race and start thinking long term for November,” said Alyssa Hanou, political director of the Sacramento County Young Democrats.

Hanou helped the Clinton campaign by knocking on doors in Reno before last month’s Nevada Democratic Caucus. She said Clinton’s speech Tuesday night shows she’s getting ready to face Drumpf in November.

“She looked so happy to see the support from, at that point, five states. It just reaffirmed how much I believe in her sincerity actually,” Hanou told FOX40.

But Tristan Brown doesn’t believe his candidate, Bernie Sanders, is completely out of the race just yet.

“You might have a technical winner, but they’re both walking away with delegates and growing their number up until we get to the finish line at the DNC,” Brown said.

Watch the entire clip at Fox 40 News.

Sacramento County Young Democrats Elects 2016 Executive Board

scyd logo final


February 3, 2016
Contact: Katie Hanzlik

Sacramento County Young Democrats Elects 2016 Executive Board

Tonight, the Sacramento County Young Democrats (SCYD) held its 2016 executive board elections.

The following club members were elected to serve on the SCYD executive board:

President, Mikey Singh Hothi*
Vice President of Membership, Chris Smith*
Vice President of Fundraising, Jenny Bach*
Political Director, Alyssa Hanou*
Communications Director, Katie Hanzlik*
Treasurer, Philip Norton
Community Affairs Director, Matt Canty


“Last year, we grew our membership and chartered as the largest Young Democrats organization in the state of California,” said President Mikey Hothi. “I’m excited to continue to expand our network of progressive young professionals, while also making sure their voices are heard as we push to get more progressive Democrats elected in Sacramento and beyond.”

SCYD meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm at Cafe Bernardo on K Street, located at 1000 K Street.

Follow us on Twitter: @sacyoungdems

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Sacramento County Young Democrats is comprised of Democrats ages 18-35 that live or work in Sacramento County. One of the largest Young Dem chapters in the state, SCYD’s members volunteer to walk precincts, phone bank and fundraise for candidates and issues they care about. Throughout the year, the club also regularly gives back through community service opportunities and holds monthly membership meetings and happy hours.



Iowa Caucus Results Watch Party

In honor of the official start of the 2016 Presidential Primary Election season, the Sacramento County Young Democrats will be hosting a Iowa Caucus Results Watch Party. Young Democrats from around Sacramento will gather at Simon’s Bar & Cafe as they eagerly await the announcement of the country’s first primary results.

WHEN:       Monday, February 1, 2016, 5:00pm-8:00pm

WHERE:     Simon’s Bar & Cafe
1415 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

WHO:         Sacramento Democrats who are between the ages of 18-35 interested in networking and becoming more involved in Democratic politics

About Sacramento County Young Democrats

Sacramento County Young Democrats is comprised of Democrats ages 18-35 that live or work in Sacramento County. One of the largest Young Dem chapters in the state,SCYD’s members volunteer to walk precincts, phone bank and fundraise for candidates and issues they care about. Throughout the year, the club also regularly gives back through community service opportunities and holds monthly membership meetings and happy hours.

SCYD Annual Holiday Fundraiser

scyd december fundraiser flyer


Join the Sacramento County Young Democrats for our annual Holiday Fundraiser and Toy Drive!

Thursday, December 10th, 2015
California Cable & Telecommunications Association — 1001 K Street, Second Floor

Bring a small toy in support of our toy drive and mingle with your fellow Young Dems — food and beverages will be provided.

This event is free to dues-paying club members. For sponsorship information, please contact VP of Fundraising Jenny Bach at or 916-384-5710.

Our sponsorship levels:
President – $1,000
Vice President – $500
Speaker of the House – $250

Please send checks payable to:
Sacramento County Young Democrats (ID #931680)
PO Box 425
Sacramento, CA 95814

Fox 40 News: Sacramento Democrats Enjoy First Debate in Large Numbers

Dem Debate 1

Over at Simon’s, a viewing party hosted by the Sacramento County Young Democrats also drew hundreds. Loyalties at the event were largely divided among the front-runners.

“If we’re counting the cheers, I’d say that it’s pretty even between Bernie and Hillary,” said event organizer Mikey Hothi.

After the debate, some in the crowd at Simon’s said Hillary Clinton came across stronger, more personable and experienced, while others said Bernie Sanders won with his progressive platforms, plain talk, and rejection of big money in politics.

Watch the entire clip from Fox 40.

Sacramento County Young Democrats Summer Fundraiser Luau

SCYD fundraiser.

Please join Sacramento County Young Democrats as we host our annual Summer Fundraiser!

Mark your calendars for August 8th because we will be having a luau full of pool games, activities, bbq, and fun! We’ll provide food and beverages. Make sure to RSVP on Facebook, share our event, and invite fellow Young Dems!

Our luau will be at Southside Park Pool and Gazebo area from 5:00-8:30pm.

This is a free event for dues paying members.
Jay Hansen, SCUSD School Board Member

Our sponsorship levels:
Bronze -$250
Silver -$500
Gold -$1000

Please send checks payable to:
Sacramento County Young Democrats (ID #931680)
PO Box 425
Sacramento, CA 95814

Hope to see everyone there!

For any questions, or to RSVP, contact Jenny Bach at and/or (916) 384-5710