Fox 40 News: Supporters Hold Super Tuesday Watch Parties Around Region



At Simon’s Cafe in downtown Sacramento, some at the Young Democrats of Sacramento County watch party believe their party also now has a front runner candidate, Hillary Clinton.

“I think she knows that she really has the support of enough states now to really get excited about this race and start thinking long term for November,” said Alyssa Hanou, political director of the Sacramento County Young Democrats.

Hanou helped the Clinton campaign by knocking on doors in Reno before last month’s Nevada Democratic Caucus. She said Clinton’s speech Tuesday night shows she’s getting ready to face Drumpf in November.

“She looked so happy to see the support from, at that point, five states. It just reaffirmed how much I believe in her sincerity actually,” Hanou told FOX40.

But Tristan Brown doesn’t believe his candidate, Bernie Sanders, is completely out of the race just yet.

“You might have a technical winner, but they’re both walking away with delegates and growing their number up until we get to the finish line at the DNC,” Brown said.

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by Xavier Cardenas, SCYD Blog Contributor

Elk Grove City Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen has made a career in public service. She has dedicated her life to the development of low-income communities across the Sacramento area. She attributes her drive to assist and uplift the underserved and underrepresented to her experiences growing up in similar neighborhoods. Despite those obstacles, Councilmember Nguyen has excelled in uplifting her community and has tirelessly worked to bridge the gap in representation. She has served in numerous leadership roles for several organizations in Sacramento and has been involved in many others such as the District Attorney’s Multi-Cultural Council, California Exposition Cultural Advisory Council, OCA, Pacific Rim Street Festival Foundation, Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber Foundation, and Sacramento’s Juvenile Justice Commission. However, one of her biggest contributions to the public has been through her work as Executive Director of Asian Resources Inc. (ARI).

As the Executive Director of ARI, Councilmember Nguyen and her team have been able to expand on a variety of social projects for members of the community with their mission statement as their guide: “At Asian Resources, our goal is to be the catalyst that connects people to jobs and resources that would lead them to self-sufficiency.”

While they have aided in the professional and academic development of younger individuals in the community through work experience programs and academic services respectively, they have also improved the partnerships between Sacramento County and community-based nonprofits to help close the achievement gap in multiple districts. What truly separates ARI from other non-profits is their commitment to ensure the community, as a whole, is represented and granted the opportunity in betterment, including those who are re-entering society.

ARI continues to address the issues facing minority communities by offering social services to those that otherwise would be continuously ignored. The plight of the immigrant and refugee communities with language barriers has not gone without assistance. Their work with these new members of the community is unmatched.

Councilmember Nguyen is a shining example of what community empowerment can look like. Under her leadership, ARI has continuously strived towards the betterment of the Sacramento community. For her continuous engagement and public service, we, the Sacramento County Young Democrats, honored her as our 2017 Community Champion of the Year.

For more information on how to get involved with ARI or if you wish to contribute please visit their website at


New Member Blog Post: SCYD October General Meeting


by Claudia Lewis, SCYD Blog Contributor

There are few things as intimidating as starting life in a new city after college. Trying to find employment and navigate through a new social scene, all while working to stay involved, can be exhausting and confusing. Since moving to Sacramento in June, I’ve found myself trying to tackle all this at once with little guidance and a lot of guesswork. Fortunately, I came to hear of a group that could help me get involved in Sacramento and potentially make a real difference.

On October 4th, I followed the downtown address I found on a Facebook event page and arrived at my first Sacramento County Young Democrats’ General Meeting.

Fox & Goose patrons watch James Comey testify before Senate committee


At restaurants and bars around the nation, watch parties were held to see former FBI Director James B. Comey’s testimony on President Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 election. Comey’s congressional appearance was viewed on television at several bars and restaurants in Sacramento, including a gathering at Fox & Goose Public House at 10th and R streets. Those who attended had to get up early to see the opening questions and answers. The proceedings began at 7 a.m. on the West Coast. Here are reactions from people, including Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

Watch full video at the Sacramento Bee.

Sacramento Dems gather at Fox and Goose for James Comey testimony


What better way to watch the most anticipated U.S. senate hearing in recent memory than at an English pub?

On Thursday morning, the Sacramento Young Democrats gathered at Fox and Goose to watch Former FBI Director James Comey testify before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The committee is investigating the possibility of ties between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign.  

Sacramento County Young Democrat Elected Youngest Statewide Party Official


Jenny Bach Triumphs in California Democratic Party Secretary’s Race to Become the Youngest Person Elected to the Executive Board in Decades

SACRAMENTO – Jenny Bach, 25, was elected Secretary of the California Democratic Party last weekend, making her the youngest statewide official in decades. In a hotly-contested race, Bach, a Sacramento native, earned an impressive win in the CDP’s first run-off election in years against long-time Los Angeles-based party leader, Carolyn Fowler.

“This victory shows that we want to embrace new ideas and new leadership towards change. I am excited to get to work on improving how our party communicates with activists,” said Bach shortly after the announcement. “I hope that young people, especially young women of color, see this victory as their own, and that they feel empowered to run for any position they want.”

Bach’s victory was the result of an emerging generation of young grassroots leaders in California eager to move the party forward after the devastating 2016 presidential election. Bach’s triumph was driven by a group of Sacramento-based volunteers and statewide supporters after eight months of campaigning.

“This weekend was a testament to the energy and skills that young people bring to the Democratic Party. Months of prep work came to fruition in the form of a visible and well-executed convention campaign,” explained Katie Hanzlik, Bach’s campaign manager, also a young Democrat. “This would not have been possible without the dozens of young volunteers who didn’t just help the entire weekend, but also sprung into action immediately when the run-off was announced.”

Bach, a child of Vietnamese immigrants, is also the only Asian Pacific Islander (API) to serve as an elected statewide party officer. She currently works in the California State Legislature as a consultant for the API Legislative Caucus and previously worked as district representative for State Senator Dr. Richard Pan (D – Sacramento).

In addition to volunteering for Bach’s upset victory over Fowler, many members of the Sacramento County Young Democrats also helped elect Alex Gallardo-Rooker as Female Vice Chair and Daniel Weitzman as Controller. All three candidates are based in Sacramento.


Sacramento County Young Democrats is the largest Young Democrat chapter in California. Comprised of Democrats ages 18-35 that live or work in Sacramento County, SCYD’s members help elect Democratic candidates to office and advocate on issues they care about. The club meets on the first Wednesday of each month. More information can be found at

Sacramento County Young Democrats Organize for Community Forum with ICE


March 28, 2017

Kristi Thielen

Sacramento County Young Democrats Organize for Community Forum with ICE

SACRAMENTO – The Sacramento County Young Democrats announced today they will peacefully organize for tonight’s forum hosted by Sheriff Scott Jones and Interim ICE Director. Young Democrats will be present at the event as a show of solidarity with the immigrant community, community and faith groups, and Sacramento residents who are against breaking up immigrant families.  

“Sacramento’s young people are sending our Sheriff a clear message,” said Robert Abelon, President of the Sacramento County Young Democrats. “We will not stand silently by while our friends, neighbors, classmates and coworkers are torn from their families. We will continue to oppose the use of local resources for federal immigration purposes every step of the way.”

Despite community outcry, Jones has stated publicly he will continue coordinating with federal immigration enforcement officials. Young Democrats view Tuesday’s forum with the Acting ICE Director as an affront to Sacramento’s community values.

In his 2016 Congressional bid against Ami Bera, Scott Jones was accused of sexual assault and mismanagement of taxpayer money.  As an organization, the Sacramento County Young Democrats will not condone that behavior and Jones’ out-of-touch attitude towards our immigrant communities.

Date: Tuesday, March 28th

Time: 4:30PM — Press Conference

            5PM — Unity Rally

            5:30PM — Forum Begins

Location: Sacramento County Youth Gym, 4000 Branch Center Road, Sacramento 95827.

Please wear white shirts in solidarity with our immigrant community and families.

There will be legal observers in attendance wearing bright green hats.

For media inquiries, contact For SCYD member media availability, please contact


Sacramento County Young Democrats is the largest Young Democrat chapter in California. Comprised of Democrats ages 18-35 that live or work in Sacramento County, SCYD’s members help elect Democratic candidates to office and advocate on issues they care about. The club meets on the first Wednesday of each month. More information can be found at

Sacramento Democrats consider ‘bad hombres,’ puppets and Chinese steel



Sacramento Democrats rooted for Hillary Clinton and laughed at Donald Drumpf at the party’s local headquarters during the third and finale debate before the November election.

Clinton’s reference to Drumpf as a “puppet” for Russian President Vladimir Putin and comment that he built his hotels with “Chinese steel” Wednesday evening drew loud cheers from the crowd, mostly comprised of members of Sacramento County Young Democrats and Fem Dems. The two groups co-hosted the watch party with the state party.

Denise Tugade, a spokeswoman for Fem Dems, said more than 100 people turned out for the event, where guests drank beer and wine and feasted on lumpia.

Read more and watch the full video at the Sacramento Bee: HERE

California Women and Young Voters Reject Republicans’ “Rigged” Election Lie After Final Presidential Debate


SACRAMENTO — Democrats at more than 60 official events across California cheered on Hillary Clinton in the Final Presidential Debate in Las Vegas and pledged to make history on November 8.

California’s historic surge of new voters in 2016 – which has already pushed the electorate over 18 million voters and widened Democrats’ voter registration edge to 18 points over Republicans – sets the stage for a dramatic election finish in November.

Half of newly registered California voters are age 18-34, according to Political Data Inc., a nonpartisan firm that tracks voter data. A recent analysis of voter data by the news site Cal Matters showed that new Latino and Asian voters are more likely to be Democrats.

With Kamala D. Harris running to replace retiring U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, battleground races for Congress and the Legislature, and 17 statewide ballot measures, new voters will face huge choices in November. The California Democratic Party has launched where voters can enter their address to receive a personalized endorsement card.

During the Presidential Debate, Donald Drumpf refused to say whether he would accept the results of the election, and the Republican Party led by Drumpf has spread lies about a “rigged” election in the hopes of scaring away voters. In response, the California Democratic Party is seeking Sacramento-area volunteers for our Promote and Protect the Vote (P2TV) hotline to answer voters’ questions and prevent voter intimidation.

Women and young Democrats at a debate watch party at the California Democratic Party Headquarters in Sacramento urged new voters to reject Drumpf’s “rigged” election lies and turn out on Election Day.

“With Donald Drumpf and the Republicans trying to scare people how to voting with lies and negativity, it has never been more important to register and vote. And in California it has never been easier.” – Caity Maple, Fem Dems of Sacramento

“As a naturalized citizen I have an opportunity to make a difference in my community. As young people we must continue to participate in politics by voting.” Samantha Contreras, Sacramento County Young Democrats

“Drumpf is running the most negative, deceitful campaign in history. There’s never been a more important time for us to make our voice heard and stand with the Democrats’ vision of hope.” – Katie Hanzlik, Sacramento County Young Democrats

“Hillary Clinton said she will take on comprehensive immigration reform in her first 100 days. Donald Drumpf said he would build a wall. That just shows her heart and his inhumanity.” – Mikey Hothi, Sacramento County Young Democrats

“I was with Bernie Sanders because he spoke directly to young people. I’m voting for Hillary Clinton now because her ideas speak to me. Bernie is on her team, and so am I.” – Mary McCune, Fem Dems

“Immigration reform has a very real impact on the lives of mixed status families, on the lives of hardworking people who have contributed to our country, and on the lives of people with nowhere else to go. We need comprehensive and humane immigration reform. It would be unAmerican not to.” – Denise Tugade, Fem Dems of Sacramento

“It’s up to Democratic, independent, and thoughtful Republican voters on November 8 to teach Drumpf a lesson he won’t forget,” said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton.

Democrats can visit our website to volunteer to help Promote and Protect the Vote:

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